The Masters kicked off yesterday in Augusta, Georgia. Last year Spain's Sergio Garcia took home the green jacket. What are Sergio's chances to repeat?


Answer: Not Good

The Ringer - Only three people have ever won back-to-back green jackets since the tournament began in 1934: Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, and Tiger Woods. Spieth recently came close, though we all remember how that turned out. 

In short, it’s an extraordinarily difficult feat. It also doesn't help that yesterday Sergio put five balls into the water, shooting a record-tying 13 on hole number 15.

Fun Fact: Garcia and his wife named their newborn daughter after hole number 13 at Augusta: Azalea. 

Garcia explains (courtesy of Golf Channel):

“The year before we came to Augusta, we were talking about kids and names and how many and things like that, and out of the blue she came up with the idea,” Garcia said.

“Why don't we name our first kid regarding where you win your first major?” she asked her husband.

Garcia loved the idea. After he won the Masters, their work to name the child wasn’t done.

“So, we started looking at different names from here, related to Augusta, obviously looked at Georgia,” he said. “We looked at Magnolia, Holly, different ones, but we really liked Azalea, for different reasons.

“First of all, because we thought it was a very pretty name. You write it the same way in English and in Spanish, which is great, and also because it's the hole that kind of turned things around in the final round and kind of got me going, to be able to win the Masters last year.”

Azalea is the name of the 13th hole at Augusta National. Garcia made a terrific par save there in the final round last year, after hooking his tee shot into trouble. It enabled him to stay in the hunt and eventually come from behind and win.


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