Which U.S. State consumes the most beer?


Answer: New Hampshire

According to the website 247wallstreet, the Granite State topped the list of the 9 U.S. States that consume the most beer. With that said, there is one catch, which has to do with how consumption was measured:

“Beer consumption measures the amount of beer sold to wholesalers in the state, meaning that consumption figures include beer bought by residents who are out of state. New Hampshire, which has no sales tax, is a popular destination for purchasing alcohol, including beer. Therefore, the state’s No. 1 rank on this list may be propped up by outsiders.”

As the fifth smallest state, New Hampshire is surrounded by Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, and Canada. Those willing to make a quick drive to save a couple bucks gladly seek out cheaper spirits in New Hampshire. It is interesting to note that in 2013 the same report concluded that North Dakota drank the most beer per person. Both states, along with Montana are consistently in the top 5. Dilly Dilly!

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