How many people have walked on the moon?


Answer: 12

Here's a bonus question, how many were American? All of them.

Double bonus question, how many of them were men? 12.

Triple bonus question, where did the first and last man go to school? Purdue.

Okay okay, enough of that. In all seriousness, everything above is true. As most of us know, the first man to set foot on the Moon in 1969 was Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission. The last was  Gene Cernan in 1972 on the Apollo 17 mission. Since then the Moon has only be visited by unmanned vehicles.

That being said, Cernan’s walk on the Moon means that Purdue University holds the distinction of being the alma mater of both the first person (Neil Armstrong) and the last person to make the lunar stroll. 

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