Who was the first sitting President to visit Canada?

President Harding in Vancouver. Archives item# Port N1271.06. Photographer: W.J. Moore.

Answer: President Warren G. Harding

It seems hard to believe that the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, was the first sitting President to visit our neighbors to the north. However, according to multiple sources, (i.e. the official United States Canadian Embassy's website) Harding was the first to visit in 1923. With Washington D.C. roughly 400 miles away from the Canadian border and Harding's home (Blooming Grove, Ohio) only 150 miles away from the Detroit / Windsor, Canada crossing it's somewhat shocking he, or any other President for that matter, had not made it across country lines until he was sitting in the oval office.

With that said, Harding was indeed the first, stopping briefly in Vancouver on his way back from Alaska. With the exception of Trump's trip in May to the Middle East and Europe, Canada has been the first or second foreign destination for every President since Ronald Reagan. Who would have known that the man from Ohio would start that trend? 

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