What did ‘Jaws’ crew name the mechanical shark?

Answer: Bruce

Huff Post - The 25-foot killer shark that terrorized screen audiences was simply called “Bruce” on set. Named after Spielberg’s lawyer, the mechanical shark was a complete disaster, sinking on it’s first voyage into the waters. The crew reportedly also referred to it as “flaws” or “the great white turd” from then on.

But some good did come from the failure. “I had no choice but to figure out how to tell the story without the shark. So I just went back to Alfred Hitchcock: ‘What would Hitchcock do in a situation like this?’ ... It’s what we don’t see which is truly frightening,” Spielberg said. It’s then that Spielberg decided to use the shark’s point-of-view for more terrifying shots and added suspense.

Today - Bruce Ramer, still a powerful and influential Los Angeles attorney specializing in entertainment law.

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