Why did Google search results for Archibald Cox spike during early May?

Answer: Trump Fired FBI Director James Comey on May 9, 2017

On the evening of May 9th, 2017 Google trends show increased search traffic for terms like "Saturday Night Massacre" and names like "Archibald Cox". Why? Well, many people needed a refresher on what happened in the early 1970s, and who the major players were in Nixon's Watergate scandal. Subsequently, they began to draw apparent connections between what happened then and what transpired less than a month ago when President Trump fired then current FBI director, James Comey. 

In May of 1973, Archibald Cox was appointed as a special prosecutor by the Justice Department. Cox's main goal was to investigate the June 1972 break-in by Republican operatives at the Watergate Hotel, where the DNC was headquartered in the summer leading up to that year's presidential election. As CBS states:

"The Nixon administration had provided Special Prosecutor Cox and his office with summaries of taped recordings that documented conversations held in the Oval Office between President Nixon and White House officials. But Cox was not content with the summaries alone and issued a subpoena to Nixon for the tapes themselves. Nixon refused to comply with the subpoena, and a day after it was issued, he began to make moves in firing Cox."

Although Cox was not the FBI director, many people likened the firing of James Comey to the firing of Archibald Cox. Take a look at the search results below to see how historic terms and names were trending in modern times:

Saturday Night Massacre

Archibald Cox