How much was Kurt Cobain's estate worth the last time it was valued?

Answer: $450 Million

As of 2014 the legendary rock icon, Kurt Cobain's, estate was valued somewhere near $450 million. In the year prior Cobain posthumously sold 350,000 albums and 900,000 single songs averaging a price of $10 and $1 respectively. Simple math of the 2013 sales alone brought in gross revenue of $4.4 million. So where is all of the other money coming from? Well, let's take a look:

1) Online streaming: Cobain's music was streamed 72,000,000 times online in 2013. Outlets such as Spotify and Apple Music license the rights to stream classics like  "Come as You Are" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Outlets like Youtube hypothetically do the same, and even the sponsored content that you're required to watch before playing your favorite Nirvana song can kick off income. Some YouTube stars make over $7 for every 1,000 views so when you look at a video like the one below which has 517,104,402 views you can see how that starts to add up. 

2) Merchandise & Likeness - apparel sales continue to fly off the shelves not only from online marketplaces like amazon but also from brick and mortar shops like Urban Outfiters.

3) Everything Else - in 2011 "The Muppets" movie used "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the Dutch Brewer Bavaria used Cobain and other deceased icons, including Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Tupac Shakur, hiding out and drinking beer together in a tropical paradise.

The estate has amassed a fortune and will continue to keep dishing out gigantic royalties for the foreseable future. 

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