Which schools have won the most NCAA basketball championships for men and women respectively?

Answer: UCLA & Connecticut 

Here are some other interesting fact about March Madness courtesy of US News

1) Only one school has won the men's and women's championships in the same year - The University of Connecticut

2) Your bracket isn't perfect - The likelihood all of your selections being correct is slim, to say the least, with calculations running from about 1 in 9 quintillion to the better-by-comparison 1 in 128 billion. There is no record of anyone ever beating these overwhelming odds. To put this in perspective, your chances of becoming president of the U.S. reportedly are 1 in 10 million. You're also much more likely to be killed by a shark or be struck by lightning than to have a perfect bracket.

3) Vasectomy appointments see a spike - What do vasectomies have to do with March Madness? More than you might think. Many men who are ready for a vasectomy conveniently schedule their appointment during the tournament, when they can recover while watching the madness

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