Who is the only remaining American soldier to have voluntarily turned himself over to the North Korean Communist regime after the Korean War?

Answer: James Joseph Dresnok

James Joseph Dresnok (born 1941) is an American defector to North Korea, one of six American soldiers to defect after the Korean War.
After defecting, Dresnok worked as an actor in propaganda films, some directed by Kim Jong-il, and as an English teacher in Pyongyang. He was featured on the CBS magazine program 60 Minutes on January 28, 2007, as the last United States defector alive in North Korea, and was the subject of a documentary film entitled Crossing the Line.
He calls himself Joe Dresnok and has been called both James Dresnok and Joe Dresnok in news reports, sometimes both in the same report.

Okay, immediate responses are confusion, disbelief, and anger. As a patriotic American anytime someone even slightly sympathizes with a country and leader that's sole purpose appears to be sending nukes to LA and Manhattan I'm in utter shock. HOWEVER, with that said, a large majority of us will never understand warfare and its consequences, especially from a mental health standpoint. I mean this guy obviously just lost it when he was over there and then kept drinking the communist kool-aid  until, well, now I guess.

Dresnok came from a difficult background and was going through a difficult period — his wife had left him and he was in trouble with his superiors — when he decided to cross the demilitarized zone into North Korea in 1962. He was 21. - Washington Post

There isn't a trove of information about this guy readily available online, but there are two pieces of content that have sparked my interest.

1)  Crossing the Line - Yes, the documentary mentioned above. Need to see this. If & when I do I will report back so stay tuned. If anyone watches is soon tell us. 

2) An American GI defected to North Korea. Now his sons are propaganda stars - It's an article from the Washington Post from May 26, 2016 that says not only did this guy defect, but he went on to raise a family with two sons who are now completely brainwashed, and who are massive stars in the communist state. The article is worth a read, but here are the highlights:

[Dresnok] taught English and appeared in television shows and movies — always playing the “evil American.”
Like their father, the two sons also have appeared as Americans in North Korean dramas.

Like what? Is this dead serious? Maybe (and I'm sure I'm late to the party on this one) other people know about this, but this is blowing my mind. I know it shouldn't, because it's all plausible, but they're two white dudes speaking fluent Korean in the most budget movie ever? Anyway. Had to pass it along. Would love some clarity on any or all of this and any further reading I can do. 

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