Who was first Supreme Court justice from Colorado?

Answer: Byron White

"Before President Trump named Neil Gorsuch his nominee for the Supreme Court, the Colorado native worked as a federal judge in Denver at a building named for Byron White.

White was born in 1917 in Fort Collins, and was the first Supreme Court justice from Colorado.

White was raised in Wellington, and graduated from the University of Colorado. White earned the title of valedictorian, and became a Rhodes Scholar.

He led the University of Colorado football team to the school’s first bowl appearance in the 1930s. An athlete, his nickname was Whizzer. White played professionally for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which later became the Steelers, and Detroit Lions. He led the league in rushing yards back in 1938. At the time, White was the highest-paid player

White went onto become a naval intelligence officer during World War II, and after, went to Yale to earn a law degree. He worked his way up for a clerk, to Deputy Attorney General under Robert Kennedy, to a judge on the Supreme Court, after he was appointed by his friend President Kennedy in 1962.

He dissented on cases like Miranda v. Arizona, the case requiring police to explain rights to suspects, and Roe v. Wade, which made abortion nationally legal. He also wrote the Bowers v. Hardwick opinion for the court, upholding a ban on sodomy, saying the constitution doesn’t protect homosexuality.

White also supported using federal powers to stop school segregation.

He retired in 1993, and died of pneumonia, in Denver, in 2002.

You can read more about White's judgeship in USA Today’s article, written just after his death."

- 9News Denver

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