Which law school did FDR graduate from?

Answer: Columbia Law School (Posthumously)

His undergrad studies seemed to be a piece of cake for him. He only took him three years to earn a bachelor's degree in history from Harvard. FDR then enrolled at Columbia University's school. But he abandoned his legal studies in 1907 after he passed his bar exam. FDR only practiced for a few years before jumping into politics. In 1910, he won his first election to the New York State Senate.  You can read more here

On October 9th, 2008 Columbia Law school awarded posthumous J.D.s to both FDR and Theodore Roosevelt.

Theodore and Franklin’s resumes have many common elements including this one: Both presidents attended and but did not graduate from Columbia Law School. Teddy was meant to be a member of the Class of 1882 and FDR the Class of 1907, but both departed early to embark on their historic political careers, never receiving their juris doctor degrees.

“Tonight,” said Columbia Law School Dean David M. Schizer on Sept. 25 at the Harlan Fiske Stone Society Reception, “we’re going to reconcile that.”  In conferring them posthumous J.D.s, Schizer described the Roosevelts’ eras and drew parallels to today.

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