Which state is home to the largest population of Native Americans?

Answer: California

Alaska has the most federally recognized Indian tribes, but California is the state with the most individual native American people (413,382).

As of 2010 the top 10 were:

California (723,225)

Oklahoma (482,760)

Arizona (353,386)

Texas (315,264)

New York (221,058)

New Mexico (219,512)

Washington (198,998)

North Carolina (184,082)

Florida (162,562)

Michigan (139,095)

Other interesting facts:

Virginia has no federally recognized tribes

Top 5 Cities With The Most Native Americans

New York, New York (111,749)

Los Angeles, California (54,236)

Phoenix, Arizona (43,724)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma(36,572)

Anchorage, Alaska (36,062).

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