Where did the Beverly hillbillies come from?

Answer: Still up for debate, but it's mentioned they come from the Ozarks.

I completely forgot about The Beverly Hillbillies until I started to put today's newsletter together, and read about a gusher that signals the start of U.S. oil industry in 1901. The description of the gusher in Texas reminded me of my old man watching bits and pieces of this show when I was little kid. I took a quick look to see if Jed Clampett and his clan came from Texas, but the harder I looked, the less I found.

It sounds like the show never mentions where they strike oil or where they came from. Granny frequently mentions that she was born and raised around Limestone, Tennessee, near Greeneville, but the state from which the Clampetts moved from is never revealed. "Although it is mentioned in several episodes they are from the Ozarks, there are various, sometimes conflicting, clues found in certain episodes, but most lean towards southern Missouri or northern Arkansas." - Wikipedia.

Little blast from the past. Would love clarification if there are any hard-core Beverly Hillbillie fans out there that might know the answer.


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