What school did Andrew Johnson Attend?

Answer: None. He never attended school.

(He was also born on this day in 1808, hence the trivia question)

Anywho, a few weeks back we asked the question - was Bill Clinton the first president to be impeached? The answer was no. The first president to be impeached was our dear old friend, Andrew Johnson. Before we get to that let's talk about how Johnson never attended school, and taught himself to read. I love this because he's truly a self-made man.

When Johnson was three his father passed away. His mom remarried, and for whatever reason decided to send him and his brother away to be indentured servants. Both of them said, "screw this" and ran away after two-years of that BS.

Once they escaped he opened up his own tailoring shop in order to make money when he was just 19 years old. By the time he was 22 he was elected the mayor of Greeneville, Tennessee. He served as mayor for four years. Later he was elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in 1835. Then he became a Tennessee State Senator before being elected to the congress in 1843.

Year later, when Lincoln was assassinated Johnson took over. In 1867 Congress passed an act called the Tenure of Office Act. Basically it denied the president the right to remove his own appointed officials from office. Despite this, Johnson removed Secretary of Wary, Edwin Stanton. He put Ulysses S. Grant in that spot instead. Because of this the House of Representatives freaked out and voted to impeach him.

Despite the impeachment, the guy went from an indentured servant, to a self-educated mayor, to the president of the united states. Not bad.

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