Military mom finds surprising note on her car

This past week an Arizona woman named Jodi St. Clair finished her shift at a salon in Sun City and walked outside to her car.


When she approached the vehicle she noticed something on the windshield. It was a handwritten, yellow note and a $20 bill. Confused, St. Clair began reading the cursive letters only to find out that a stranger had noticed the Army sticker on her car and decided to leave an anonymous thank you.    

"I pray for our military around the world every night, especially those serving in dangerous areas or in one of our wars," the mystery donor named "Shelley" wrote, saying the money could go toward a care package or meal.

The letter brought tears to St. Clair's eyes as she noted that being a military mother is stressful. Gestures like these, she said, make the days a little easier. Our hearts go out to all the military mothers around the country. As we head into the weekend, keep in mind that sometimes the smallest acts can have the biggest impact. 

Cover Photo: Fox 10