Camping World gets approval to fly 5,000 square foot American flag

This past April, Camping World, an American corporation specializing in selling recreational vehicles, recreational vehicle parts, and recreational vehicle service was told they were not allowed to fly a large American Flag outside its new store off Interstate 75 in Georgetown Kentucky.   


The Georgetown Board of Adjustments said that the flag "violated its sign ordinance" stating that "any flag over 32 feet high and/or greater than 32 feet is considered an interstate sign." Additionally, because Camping World had already been permitted one interstate sign, the city said that giving the company a second "interstate sign" would be illegal according to the ordinances in place. 

While this debacle sounds insanely frustrating at first, the city worked over the following weeks to remedy the situation. The workaround? Georgetown decided to change its sign ordinance to make an exception for non-commercial flags. This past week the Board of Adjustments approved Camping World's permit to fly a 5,000 square foot American flag. 

“We’re not here to stir up controversy. We treat every store the same. We have the same approach. We have the same flag at all of our locations. It’s part of what we do. We love this country and love doing business in a community like Georgetown. So, we’re very happy with where we are today,” Camping World General Manager Dave Hildebrandt said.

Hildebrandt said that his goal is to have the flag ready for the grand opening this weekend. 

“The flag is part of who we are. It’s a part of who we all are, but we love to show it off,” Hildebrandt said.
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