Dad with ALS Stands Up to 'tap out' his graduating son

Frankie Sanchez Sr. served our country for over two decades as a member of the Army only to find out in 2016 that he was diagnosed with ALS. Now, Frankie has to use a wheelchair, which makes everyday tasks unimaginably more difficult, including acts we all take for granted such as standing and walking. Despite these limitations, this didn't hold Frankie back from celebrating his son's graduation this past week in San Antonio, Texas. Just like his father, Frankie Sanchez Jr., followed in his footsteps and joined the Air Force, finishing up basic training this past week. Generally, graduates must stand attention until they are "tapped out." This is usually done by a family member. What happened next was a miracle. Sanchez Sr. proceeded to stand up and walk over to his son, performing the ceremonial "tap out." It's a moment that Sanchez's wife said she will never forget.

“It was the most beautiful and memorable event I've ever witnessed in my life and I will never forget it as long as I live,” said Christy Sanchez.