American Flag Traveling Across all 48 Continental States

Compliments of the Patriots Tour the American Flag will make its way across all 48 states, in just 100 days. This incredible feat will be accomplished with the help of motorcyclists who will escort one American Flag from state to state. For example, Marty Keenan will take the flag from Norfolk to Omaha, while prior to that Kevin Stoterau carried it down from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. To these flag-bearers, this isn't some light-hearted way to spend time on their bikes. To them, the flag symbolizes freedom and sacrifice for the way of life so many of us take for granted. Stoterau, a veteran, said the mission is to help people like him or those who have served our country. 

“I’ve served 32 years of my life in the military, I just retired barely a year ago, and this is very important to me. It’s an honor to me.”

Stoterau says that all veterans share a bond, one that is unlike any other, and this will be on display while the flag travels over 14,500 miles. 

“I don’t mean to disrespect anybody, but people who have never served in the military to help protect our country, will not understate some of the things veteran do go through, and have to do to survive and maintain freedom for every living soul in our country.”

Preserving our freedom and the American way of life is more than enough motivation for these men to escort Old Glory around the country. You can view more pictures and videos here, and follow along below as the stars and stripes makes its way around the continental US. 

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