Denver Man Waves American Flag Over Highway for Six Hours On Memorial Day

Is this not the best headline you've read all day? I mean, this is just incredible. If you're from Denver, or the surrounding metro area, and have driven on Interstate 70 (I-70) or C-470 in the past few months, chances are you may have seen this man. His name is Jeff McNamara, and he's a living legend. This past Memorial Day, McNamara stood on the pedestrian bridge overlooking I-25 and Evans Avenue (See Map Below) for two hours, and then switched locations to 285, near Red Rocks Amphitheatre for another couple hours, proudly waving the American Flag. 


“I try to get a couple hours a day” - McNamara

It all began this past November when McNamara said he came up with the idea after the 2016 election. He noted that he was looking for something to do, and wanted to make sure it was patriotic and positive. McNamara works as a water purification plumber and said he stops for an hour here and there on his way to and from work. While spreading love for our country is his main goal, there have been some extra benefits:

“My wife is happy because it seems to be getting rid of my gut a little bit,” he said.

As mentioned above, McNamara was just looking for a way to stay positive and spread patriotism:

“I just hated the negative stuff. And so I decided to do something neutral and just wave the flag,” he said.

McNamara noted that the response has been amazing and extremely encouraging. He now gets visits on a daily basis, with people like U.S. Army Veteran Jose Guerro stopping by to say "Thank You."

“I was driving from downtown going back to my friend’s house,” Guerrero said. “I said I need to come back and take a photo of this great American so I drove about two miles away to Havana Street and drove back.”

Per the original story from Fox News Denver, when asked why, Guerrero was overcome with emotion.

“It’s emotional because when I was in Afghanistan, I lost a lot of friends,” he said. “They were good men and women out there. Seeing a man like this waving this flag a lot, it shows a lot of support. I love it.”

McNamara himself has never served in the military, however, his dad fought in both World War II and Vietnam. 

“It’s a privilege,” he said. “People have died for this flag. It represents freedom to untold individuals around the world.”

McNamara said he doesn’t have plans to stop waving his flag anytime soon and for that we commend him. Jeff, thank you for time and effort with this amazing display of patriotism. It goes to show that sometimes simple acts, like waving the flag, mean the most.