Braille American Flag helps Visually Impaired Veterans

Most of us take our vision for granted. Some, however, aren't so lucky. Walt Peters, a decorated U.S. Army soldier lost his vision and can't see the beautiful red, white, and blue colors of the American Flag. Despite his lack of vision, Peters isn't using that as an excuse to shy away from his love for our country. In fact, he donated a special bronze braille American Flag to the Veterans Affairs Jacksonville Outpatient Clinic to remind other visually impaired veterans why they served.  

“The braille flag feels like it reaches out and touches you,” Walt Peters said.

As a veteran himself, Peters decided to donate the bronze flag to encourage people to never loose their vision of hope, reported Kaitlyn Chana of Action News Jax. The donation will impact more than 1,000 local blind servicemen and women, helping them call to mind memories from before they lost their eyesight. The dot's pattern spells out the pledge of allegiance, while the stars and stripes run through the fingers of whomever is touching the plaque. 

“For those who have not understood the patriotism of a flag because they can’t really feel it, all of a sudden they feel this and it makes them have a better day and beautiful day,” Peters said.

Veteran's like Michael Taylor, who have had the opportunity to feel the flag, said it allows him to see with his heart.

“Sometimes when I feel something, I just can’t believe the difference,” Taylor said.

In a ceremony this past week, Peters gave a speech to other veterans about perseverance and mental fortitude, explaining that there is no time for excuses. He articulated the fact that the braille flag "is really the last flag [he] will ever see." 

“You have to have the will and the strength and the pride to get up and do things for yourself, your family, and your fellow man,” Peters said.

Our hearts go out to men and women like Walt Peters who served our country and continue to spread love for the American Flag and what it represents. To learn how you can purchase one for your loved one, visit or call 316-265-9692. 

Cover Photo: My Florida