This is the Best Bacon in the United States

Bacon is to America, what Tom is to Jerry, Batman is to Robin, and Han Solo is to Chewbacca. Bacon is America's Scooby Doo if our country was Shaggy. The two go together arguably better than any of the aforementioned dynamic duos, which is why one brave (and extremely lucky) man named Scott Gold, a.k.a. "America's Bacon Critic", set out to find the best bacon in America. According to Fox News The New Orleans-based food-critic "landed what many are referring to as “the best job ever,” aka the official bacon critic for the breakfast-focused website Extra Crispy, beating out 1,500 plus other applicants and inciting envy amongst bacon lovers around the world." Here is what he had to say, compliments of Fox:

Worst bacon: Aberdeen Farms Irregularly Slices Value Bacon
Gold says he regrets eating this $2.68 per pound value bacon and calls it “stringy, gooey to the touch, and diaphanously thin.”
Best “wild” bacon: Buffalo Gal Wild Boar Bacon
Wild boar meat is “leaner than domestic ‘white’ pork, and darker, too, but much more fragrant, with a tremendous depth of character that you’ll never find in factory pork,” according to Gold’s taste test. This bacon reportedly took his BLT to the next level.
Best fruity bacon: Tender Belly Cherrywood-Smoked, Dry Cured Bacon
This unique cherrywood-smoked bacon has an “excellent thickness quotient” along with “good striations of fat,” Gold says. He notes that in this bacon, you can actually taste the cherry.
Best all-purpose, no-frills supermarket bacon: Smithfield Thick Cut Bacon
Gold says no matter where you live, you’ll be able to get your hands on this Smithfield bacon. Gold boasts the versatility of this meat, saying “It’s thick, but not too thick; certainly not 'dinner bacon' thick, but hefty enough to wrap around shrimp or scallops, chop up for a Cobb salad or deviled eggs, or just to fry up when you have a wicked hangover.”
And finally, the best bacon in America is: Vande Rose Farms Applewood-Smoked Artisan Dry-Cured Bacon
The pork used in this bacon is free of antibiotics and hormones, fed an “all-natural vegetarian feed,” and is “hand-inspected for ideal profile and weight,” says Gold. He notes that you can clearly taste the attention to detail put into the making of this bacon.

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